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17 Jun About The KOA Alliance
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This is an article about the koa allianceThe alliance has opened a farm at level sh4, which has already placed more soldiers, but only food and woodAt the SH6 level, it is a farm for iron ore, and at ..
17 Jun How to trade resources ?
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We will send you coordinates, and you teleport your castle over and attack the castles around you to obtain resources.For more information, please contact customer service.If you don't want to spend a..
17 Jun &
admin 0 6 changed to vikirss.comWe offer resources of King of Avalon. KOA includes KOA Lunar and KOA solar. and resources of viking rise,  resources of whiteout survival, items of crystal saga.When ..
18 Jun Next steps after ordering
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Regarding the transaction of resources after purchase1. You can contact me to send resources through website windows, emails, WhatsApp, line, DC, etc2. After finding me, send me your order number and ..
18 Jun Whiteout Survival
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There are cheap resource (meat\wood\coal\iron) of without survival.If you need rss in the game, please go to my stie and contact me: ..
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